Maintenance, Customization & Fabrication

DALIAN ENGINEERING manufactures, supplies, repairs and maintains a full range of general and precision engineering tools and products for the mining, commercial and industrial markets.

    •  Our well qualified and experienced technicians are able to customise products to the specific requirements and needs of every individual industry,
        workplace and client.
    •  Our workshop is equipped with modern, fit for purpose tooling.
    •  Our versatility in the fabrication process empowers us to deliver on-time and within budget. Continual innovation has insured that our services are
        also very cost competitive.
    •  All our products are manufactured in terms of the most stringent quality management systems, and are fully guaranteed.
    •  We offer special short as well as long term preventative contracts that ensure your equipment is always retained in pristine condition and that detect
        and fix problems before they become expensive breakdowns.

Our Products & Services


    •  Aluminium heat resistant plates
    •  Chrome vent plates – ventilation plates with slots
    •  In feed shafts – complete gearbox bushes, phosphor – gears

Mine Plants Industries

    •  Electric motor stools
    •  Mounting brackets, hubs and key ways
    •  Shafts and pulley wheels
    •  Excentric shafts up to 3 tons
    •  Rollers
    •  Couplings
    •  Gears and Acme squire threads

Electric Components for Mining Industry

    •  Copper rods
    •  Armature shafts – all numbers
    •  Fixed and moving rods
    •  Electrodes fixed and moving drum taco wheels
    •  Brass worm gears
    •  Copper sleeves
    •  Electrode plates and sleeve course shields
    •  Top caps

Oil Industries

    •  Brush rollers, fans and shafts
    •  Bearing end caps and nuts
    •  Feed shaft sprockets casings
    •  Lint cleaner drums
    •  Holler peg rollers

Press-shop Maintenance

    •  Machine 60 – 500 tons
    •  Press overall
    •  Pittman bolts
    •  Blade extractors
    •  Main keys
    •  Crankshafts
    •  Fly wheels and keys
    •  Rams
    •  Slides
    •  Drive gear and shafts


    •  Repair of crane wheels
    •  Manufacture new drive gears
    •  Manufacture new crane wheels
    •  Repair Viking pumps (Q32)

Brick Industries

    •  Turned tables
    •  Brick cut rollers
    •  Extruder main shafts
    •  Main boom pins
    •  Bushes
    •  Push arms swivel blades
    •  Crusher components
    •  Screen shakers
    •  Crushers
    •  Special roller for conveyer


    •  Hubs
    •  Shafts
    •  Screw flight shafts
    •  Bearing covers
    •  Housing
    •  Extruder repairs

Trucks & Trailers

    •  Steel, visconite & brass bushes
    •  Pins
    •  Pins for axillary boxes
    •  Steel visconite & brass bushes
    •  Walking beams MNF
    •  Wear plates under walking beams
    •  Overhaul of back plates Viking
    •  Brake boosters modification
    •  Tie rods
    •  Pittman arms
    •  Seal runners
    •  Hanger brackets
    •  Parts of 5th wheel repair bushes etc.
    •  Swivel pins
    •  Stud and nuts
    •  All linkage bushes
    •  Mounting brackets
    •  Axles and hubs

Earth Moving Equipment, PC, Forklifts

    •  On site line boring
    •  Front end loader buckets
    •  Dog bone balls and ball joints
    •  Cleaves
    •  Worn out transmission components
    •  Hydraulic cylinders
    •  Brackets and arms
    •  Trunion Brackets
    •  Push arms MNF and repairs
    •  Bucket repairs
    •  Main frame broken ears replacement
    •  Pins
    •  Bushes
    •  Hub gears – male and female
    •  Spline hubs and caps
    •  Under carriage repairs
    •  Line boring
    •  All bushes and washers
    •  Hydraulic cylinders
    •  Boom repairs
    •  Crack repairs
    •  Holes lineboring
    •  Forklift parts
    •  Repairs on lifting equipment


All unobtainable parts on earth-moving and other equipment can be manufactured. Complete machine design and fabrication.

Our Equipment

DALIAN ENGINEERING operates from a well-equipped workshop and office complex.


Please click here for a list of our equipment.